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    Active with Brazil cover

    OECD Active with Brazil

    Over the past two decades Brazil has been the OECD’s most engaged Key Partner and a source of valuable policy experience. Brazil’s role in the OECD family is constantly increasing as shown in this brochure which provides a snapshot of the extensive, growing and mutually beneficial OECD-Brazil co-operation.

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    Peer Review of Brazil: Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes

    This report summarises the legal and regulatory framework for transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes in Brazil.

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    Brazil: Creating a laboratory of best practices in education

    In a decentralised system dogged by uneven teacher quality, poor infrastructure and low student commitment, Brazil is using benchmarking to identify problems and drive reform.

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    Brazil is one of the many non-member economies with which the OECD has working relationships in addition to its 34 member countries. In 1998, the OECD established a country-specific programme for Brazil. Since then, Brazil has become a strong and active ...

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