"We have reached a tipping point. Inequality can no longer be treated as an afterthought. We need to focus the debate on how the benefits of growth are distributed. Our report ‘In it Together’ and our work on inclusive growth have clearly shown that there doesn’t have to be a trade-off between growth and equality. On the contrary, the opening up of opportunity can spur stronger economic performance and improve living standards across the board!" OECD Secretary-General



 The OECD Centre for Opportunity and Equality is a platform for promoting and conducting policy-oriented research on the trends, causes and consequences of inequalities in society and the economy, and a forum to discuss how policies can best address such inequalities. The work of the Centre can be found below.


Inequality is a key driver of individual and country’s well-being and this is why inequality is one of the distinctive features of the OECD well-being measurement framework adopted in the OECD Better Life Initiative.

The report How’s Life? 2017, for instance, includes an in-depth review of well-being inequalities and how to measure them, and shows that gaps in people’s achievements and opportunities extend right across the 11 dimensions of well-being (income and wealth; jobs and earnings; housing; health status; work-life balance; education and skills; social connections; civic engagement and governance; environmental quality; personal security; and subjective well-being). It exposes divisions according to age, gender, education, and wealth, and reveals pockets of inequality in all OECD countries. It also brings to light the many well-being disadvantages that migrants face in adapting to life abroad. Additionally, the report examines governance as seen from the citizen’s perspective, revealing divides between public institutions and the people they serve. The Better Life Index, which is another pillar of the OECD Better Life Initiative, also documents inequalities in selected well-being dimensions. It notably shows gender inequalities in well-being and well-being disparities due to socio-economic gaps.





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