Trend in RIA adoption across OECD jurisdictions

RIA adoption across OECD countries

Note: Based on data from 36 countries and the European Commission.

Source:2014 and 2017 Regulatory Indicators Survey results, Measuring Regulatory Performance.


Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) is a systemic approach to critically assessing the positive and negative effects of proposed and existing regulations and non-regulatory alternatives. As employed in OECD countries it encompasses a range of methods. It is an important element of an evidence-based approach to policy making.

OECD analysis shows that conducting RIA within an appropriate systematic framework can underpin the capacity of governments to ensure that regulations are efficient and effective in a changing and complex world. Some form of RIA has now been adopted by all OECD members, but they have all nevertheless found the successful implementation of RIA administratively and technically challenging.

This page provides links to the considerable research undertaken by the OECD on methodological issues and country experiences with the implementation of RIA and includes guidance material to improve the performance of RIA, its early integration with policy making and the promotion of more coherent regulatory policy across government.




Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Netherlands (2020)

Best Practice Principles for Regulatory Policy: Regulatory Impact Assessment (2020)

Implementing RIA in the Central Government of Peru - ESP (2019)

Better Regulation Practices across the European Union (2019)

OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook 2018 (2018)

RIA in Chile (2017)

Promoting Inclusive Growth through Better Regulation (2016)

OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook 2015 (2015)

Regulatory Policy in Perspective: A Reader's Companion to 2015 Regulatory Policy Outlook (2015)

Implementing Good Regulatory Practice in Malaysia (2015)

Sustainability in Impact Assessments: A Review of Impact Assessment Systems in Selected OECD Countries and the European Commission (2012)

Integrating the Environment in Regulatory Impact Assessments (2011)

Regulatory Impact Analysis: A Tool for Policy Coherence (2009)

Introductory Handbook for Undertaking Regulatory Impact Analysis (2008), RUS

Building an Institutional Framework for Regulatory Impact Analysis: Guidance for Policy Makers (2008)

Indicators of Regulatory Management Systems (2007) 

RIA in OECD Countries and Challenges for Developing Countries (2005)

RIA Inventory (2004)

Regulatory Impact Analysis – Best Practices in OECD Countries (1997)

Ten good practices in the design and implementation of RIA (1997)


Latest updates

21 April 2020
Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Netherlands

25 February 2020
Best Practice Principles for Regulatory Policy: Regulatory Impact Assessment

Forthcoming 2020
RIA in the Philippines


Workshops and seminars  

Promoting better regulation in Israel, Rishon LeZion, 11-12 February 2020

OECD supports Peru's water regulator in improving regulation
Lima, Peru, 10 December 2019

Improving the quality of regulation in Costa Rica, San Juan, Costa Rica, 2017

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), Lima, Peru, 2017

RIA for the Transport Infrastructure Regulator of Peru (OSITRAN), Lima Peru, 2017

Peru's Energy Regulator (OSINERGMIN) begins RIA implementation, Lima, Peru, 2016

Measuring Regulatory Performance: Embedding Regulatory Policy in Law and Practice, Reyjavik, 2015

Embedding RIA in Colombia, Bogota, Colombia, 2015

Elaborating and evaluating RIA in Colombia, Bogota, Colombia, 2015


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